SANGWON CO., LTD. is a turnkey contractor or a package supplier of hot rolling mills for the manufacture of special bars and rods in medium and small sizes. It has all capability and experience required to accomplish an efficient and competitive hot rolling mill project including following in-house capability;
  • Design and engineering for a total production system and supporting facility.
  • Manufacturing and fabricating production equipment.
  • Competitive, Renovation and Supply of equipment, New and Used.
  • Experienced supervisory personnel for erection, commissioning and operation.
  • Facilities in operation for on the Job training.
SANGWON Hot Rolling Mill, is equipment and facilities as follows: Furnace, Rough/Intermediate/Finish Mill, Cooling Bed, Shear, Packaging, Electrical and Control, Material handling, Cooling Water and Air, Quality Control, and other supporting facilities.
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