Noise barrier lowers the level of noise by building barriers between the sound source and the sound-receiving point. Usually, this method is widely used around roads and railroads. The height and length of the sound barriers are calculated in consideration of the current state of the sound source and the sound-receiving point, the degree of the noise source, the noise criteria of the target area, the installation site, etc.
       The influence of noise on the human body depends upon the strength of the noise. In general, the instantaneous noise below 60dB does not do direct harm to the hearing sense of the human body. But the continuous noise above 60dB may cause insomnia, communication trouble or psychological instability. The continuous noise above 80dB can cause serious aftereffects including miscarriage, hearing disorder and mental disorder. Therefore, the noise-prevention methods are indispensable as noise occurrence cannot be avoided in modern society. It is firmly believed that the aluminum sound barriers will be of greatest assistance in helping people lead quality lives without occupying a large area of the road.
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