Sangjin has Zinc-plated experience of 10 years, With the zinc-plated facility and technology in the peak, With the high quality zinc-plated and low cost, Occupy the very latest in this trade.
         The trait of hot dip galvanlzing:
           the Life-span of hot dip galvanlzing (specificition:600g) is: More than 50 years of rural area, the urban areas and coastal area more than 20-25 years.
         2¡¢Highly dependence
          the process of hot dip galvanlzing is that make iron and zinc dissolved for an organic whole by the alloy, so the anticorrosion is high, longe-lived.
3¡¢ the coating wear-resisting and Tightness
           hot dip galvanlzing is a kind of special firm alloy,so It has the very strong one to able to bear mechanical impact while Transport, construction and using.
         4¡¢the Dying Anti-corrosive function of zinc
          Because the zinc has anti-corrosive function of dying nature, even because zinc-plated appearance collides to make some steel expose in the atmosphere, will not be corroded either.
5¡¢The intact anticorrosion protecting
           hot dip galvanlzing can guarantee each slight place have fine coating very , make sure other intact anticorrosion that coating can't up to protect.
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